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kauai_jungle1_2Green Shopping Direct offers a green shopping alternative for environmentally aware consumers.
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Perfect for digital cameras and digital music players. These batteries will work in any device that uses rechargeable AA batteries. They can be charged in any good quality NiMH battery charger. FREE plastic storage case included with every four batteries Minimum rating 2500mAh Typical 2600mAh


From free-range cattle that graze the plains of Brazil, these 100% natural bully sticks come in regular, extra thick and braided styles and are great for serious chewers.


Pheromones are chemical signals emitted by insects and other organisms that enable the organisms to communicate with other members of the same species. Pheromones are sometimes referred to as "perfumes," particularly those pheromones used to attract members of the opposite sex for purposes of mating. In insect control, pheromones can be used to attract insects to traps or they can be applied in artificially large amounts over a crop to so confuse insects that they fail to find mates and thus fail to reproduce. Pheromone traps are used to monitor for the pressence of pests, as control tools to capture insects, as confusants to disrupt insect mating and as lures to attract insects to insecticidal baits. Pheromone lures are packaged individually or in airtight jars. minimum Order: 10 Lures


Excellent quality NiMH rechargeable battery that carries the name and assurance of quality. Made in China


Three kits to choose from based on your pet's condition. Great for prevention or to treat a pet that suffers from severe joint dysfunction.


This unique watering bowl filters and aerates continuously moving water to keep it fresher than standing bowl water.